Overseeding clover

I did a little experiment (accidentally, as usual) here on what is better for overseeding Red Clover into, Rye or Wheat? Well, the answer is clearly Wheat. They were overseeded the same day in late February, and the Wheat and Rye were both cut on the same day in mid-May. Today the Red Clover in the Wheat is clearly ahead of that in the Rye. I attribute this to less shading by the Wheat. However, I did notice there seems to be more weed growth in the Wheat as well, and the Wheat yielded less straw and green chop. Clearly, both work well, so really, it seems you can’t go wrong either way.


Here’s the Rye. 


And here’s the Wheat

No planter, no drill, not even my humble cultipacker were in on this deal. All I did was simply go out on a nice day in late February with my little Earthway and broadcast some Red Clover seed at the 12 pounds per acre rate recommended for a pure stand. And there you go.

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