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Trees for Tomorrow

I have alluded to silvopasture before, but I never really explained it. It is basically a fancy word describing the practice of raising trees in a pasture. It falls under the general heading of agroforestry, which is the combining of … Continue reading

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Another way to start a pasture

I accidentally stumbled upon a way to start a pasture, which might just be the most effective way yet. By effective I mean cheap and low effort with a good outcome. Oftentimes people evaluate a farming endeavor merely based on … Continue reading

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The hybrid living fence

Here’s an idea I had recently: a “hybrid living fence.” The problem with dead fences is largely the fence post, not the wire product. Thoroughly galvanized (Class III) wire products last for a half-century and probably longer, and when they wear … Continue reading

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The Sun-Moon

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Doing yourself a favor: Riflescopes

Some of my friends and family are perplexed by my propensity to not only mount a scope on practically every rifle I own that I use regularly, but also by the amount of money I spend on the scope compared … Continue reading

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The Osage Orange Hedge

The common name for Maclura pomifera where I live is Hedgeapple, which comes from the fact that the tree was once widely used as a hedge (before barb wire was invented) and has large green fruits that look vaguely like … Continue reading

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The “Best” Whitetail Cartridge

A question that is fiercely debated on the Internet, but really is seldom given a second thought in the field, is the matter of the “best” or “ideal” cartridge for a given purpose. I’d have to imagine that deer hunting … Continue reading

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