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Great Hay Weather

Most people enjoy sunny, warm, slightly breezy, and moderate humidity weather with a big blue sky filled with big puffy white clouds. Many people would call this ideal picnic weather. I would point out though that it is also ideal … Continue reading

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Tree-line mowing, a vision, and the Terminator

One of the challenges of fences and trees are that they are difficult to mow around; this reason, more than anything else it seems, determines the pattern of the rural countryside. People generally have unmanaged woodlots scattered among vast fields … Continue reading

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Indian Corn Heap Big Lie

Sometimes, when something is hyped, and you buy into the idea, when he reality of its failure sets in, you can either pretend it ain’t so and quietly go along with the lie, or you can expose it thus revealing … Continue reading

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Still Can’t Beat the Venerable 30-30 WCF

Recently I had a discussion about an interesting cartridge, the 450 Bushmaster. Basically the idea of the Bushmaster is to deliver big-bore ballistics in the AR-15 platform. Now, I happen to hold this to be a very poor idea. The … Continue reading

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Fencing solutions

Fencing is essential to managed rotational grazing, yet there is virtually no consensus on how to build fences or even what kind of fences should be used. Everybody agrees that rotation is good, that grass-based feeding is good, that there … Continue reading

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Menacing Clouds

To the Northwest we observed very unusual looking clouds this evening. As night fell they moved across to the North and provided nature’s version of a laser light show. Not a drop of rain fell on us, though.

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Marlin 39A – And How to Secure It

The Marlin 39 type rifle, which is basically a Model 1891 (the rifle of choice of Annie Oakley) is a all-steel, moderately priced (about $400), well-made 22 LR lever action rifle. It is perhaps the oldest repeating rifle design still … Continue reading

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