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When in Doubt, Inspect

This is just a quick cautionary note. I inherited an old Craftsman belt sander from my father. I think the last time he used it was when I was a child, so it has been decades since it has ran. … Continue reading

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Slugging a barrel

Slugging a barrel is the process of pushing a soft, lead round ball through rifled barrel to determine the precise internal dimensions. Usually modern firearms hold very tight barrel tolerances. I suspect that even the least expensive barrels made today … Continue reading

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Annual Blog Summary Post

It has been nearly one year now. I hope that anyone who reads this blog regularly could provide a bit of feedback. I am considering re-focusing the blog on food,¬†animal husbandry/homesteading topics, gardening, and reducing the amount of focus on … Continue reading

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The all-purpose load

Earlier I detailed both a “heavy-weight” 30-30 load, using 170 grain bullets, and a “light-weight” load using 100 grain bullets. The problem with this arrangement is that the point of impact shifts within the intended ranges. This is an effect … Continue reading

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A Room With a View?

Well, just to demonstrate the sort of nonsense that seems to constantly happen on a farm, I noticed this one a couple days ago. Yes, that is a spider that decided to crawl into the milk line of our milking … Continue reading

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