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Why hunt?

Some people may wonder why anyone would want to hunt, especially medium game like deer. Our society is virtually pre-occupied with providing entertainment–film, golf, Netflix, professional sports, etc. Why do thousands of folks head out into the woods in November … Continue reading

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An Ode to White Clover

One of the most unheralded, yet important, plants of agricultural merit is the little White Clover plant. The Irish seem to have understood its importance. The plant which England chose to represent itself, the Rose, is beautiful no doubt, but … Continue reading

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Neat, cheap accessories for a “varmint rifle”

Here are two neat accessories I’ve acquired for my CZ-527 Carbine in .223 Rem. The first is the a nifty quick-attach clamp from Amazon that allowed one to attach pretty much any flashlight between 5/8 of an inch thick to … Continue reading

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Another worthwhile grain

Sunflowers are another worthwhile pseudo-grain to my thinking, though they are harvested on an industrial scale. Still, sunflowers are useful to anyone who keeps poultry, and this is indicated by the fact that you can hardly keep wild birds off … Continue reading

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Duckingham Palace

Ducks are basically like chickens. I think this misconception, very common among poultry keepers, is the greatest obstacle to keeping ducks. All poultry books I’ve read (except one) are about chickens, then they tack on ducks, geese, and turkeys at … Continue reading

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Build it and they will come

I noticed last week the characteristic chirp of the Bobwhite Quail.┬áThis was quite impressive to me, as where I live, Bobwhite populations have declined so much that hunting is no longer allowed. I never really expected to hear a Bobwhite … Continue reading

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