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Rotations can be quite particular. What may work well in one place may not work well in another, or may work only in certain years. The key to finding a rotation that works well for you is putting together certain … Continue reading

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From Corn Fields to Pastures

A process we undertook a few years ago, which is considered challenging by some, was to convert a continuous cornfield into a pasture/hayfield. There are certain challenges to be appreciated here. The first is that if it has been a … Continue reading

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Frost Seeding

It’s getting time to Frost Seed, and if you haven’t bought them yet, do so now. Some companies that sell quality forage seed and have a distributor network in the Midwest: Byron Seeds, LLC Cisco Farm Seed Ampac Seed Company

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Some major flooding

So the unusually cold and early winter gave way to an unusually warm and wet premature Spring. February was very warm, and about every river reached flood stage were I live. Here is a picture of the flooded Great Miami … Continue reading

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Snow is gone

We had an unseasonably warm weekend and accomplished much. Discovered a few things, too. It’s important to get a few of these during the winter to catch up and fix problems that have accumulated.

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Murderous Raccoons

A murderous raccoon killed every one of our ducks. It didn’t eat a single one, or even make off with one of their bodies. It simply decapitated seven of them and killed the other two, in the usual manner of … Continue reading

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It’s Cold!

It has been very cold lately. Usually it never even gets this cold at any point in the winter. It’s already made it to negative 6 degrees F here. At least the wind hasn’t been too bad. Icicles have been … Continue reading

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