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Keep your bills up!

I am beginning to find more and more reasons to prefer ducks to chickens as a egg-producing animal on a small holding, especially if gardening is underway. I’ve already detailed how much simpler and cheaper duck housing is compared to … Continue reading

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Clay soil carrots

Carrots in most temperate climates are better sewn in late summer and harvested in fall or even winter rather than the typical springtime planting of most garden vegetables. This is because cold weather sweetens carrots while hot weather toughens them. … Continue reading

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The Drought Breaks

This year our drought came late, and was particularly acute in the final two weeks of September. We’ve had little rain since early September, so the ground was very dry. This was probably punishment for getting all excited after the … Continue reading

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Indian Summer

I am not at all sure how the phrase “Indian Summer” came into use, but what it describes is a basically summer that lingers well into Autumn or one that “re-appears” after a period of Autumn-like weather. The latter case … Continue reading

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Clothes dryer

I really find it funny how the marketing folks at appliance companies think. I am seeing now “eco” branding appearing on clothes dryers, both gas and electric. How absurd. These contrivances can neither be ecological nor economic. Unless you live … Continue reading

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Starvation is Cruelety

I see this with alarming frequency, particularly with smaller dairy cattle (Jerseys, Gurnesys and Dexters). People who THINK they know how to take care of a diary cow, but really are just abusing (usually starving) them. This is because of … Continue reading

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Yet Another Rainbow

I’ve pointed out before that we get rainbows pretty frequently around here. This one was unusual in how complete it was, and how relatively bright it was. Thanks goes to Hurricane Harvey for this one. Maybe Irma will send a … Continue reading

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