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Putting Down a Pasture (part 1): the Grass Rant

This is a seemingly basic topic, but is actually very involved and really requires more judgment and knowledge than putting down any annual field crop (like corn). I am by no means even “good” at it, though I have had … Continue reading

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The Hybrid fence

My hybrid fence is basically the permanent fence design once recommend by Premier 1 Supply. They no longer sell permanent fencing tools or material, and so no longer produce their excellent catalog featuring a thorough discussion of permanent fencing installation, … Continue reading

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Emergency home defense…and the importance of a flashlight

To begin with, unless you live in a grass hut or other dwelling that doesn’t have doors, then don’t even consider shoulder-mounted weapons. We’re not talking about movies here with SWAT guys bashing down doors and blowing away bad guys … Continue reading

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Hoosier Sunset

When we have guests at our home in the afternoon or eventing we often hear remarked that we have pretty sunsets. I remember when I moved here I was impressed by them, but one gets used to it I suppose. … Continue reading

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Digestive differences…and why it matters

All hail to the the King…er…Queen of farm animals. Pictured here is the young virgin queen Elizabeth, with a pedigree traceable all the way back to the Isle of Jersey hundreds of years ago (and I don’t even know the … Continue reading

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A preliminary fencing principle

First, one has to have in mind what kind of animal they want to keep. Certain animals are less demanding of fence. Cattle are relatively undemanding and respectful electric fence; they can be easily kept in with a single strand … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Preparation

Most people make the enormous mistake of going out and buying animals before really preparing to care for them. They agonize over breeds and pedigrees and other stuff that isn’t half as important as the basics of good animal husbandry. … Continue reading

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