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Ruminant “Magic”

Most people simply don’t realize this fundamental fact of agriculture. The edible herbivorous animals–ruminants (cattle, sheep, and goats)–employ a legion of symbiotic bacteria that live in their rumen, the first chamber in their four-chambered stomach, which can break down cellulose … Continue reading

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Clay soil carrots

Carrots in most temperate climates are better sewn in late summer and harvested in fall or even winter rather than the typical springtime planting of most garden vegetables. This is because cold weather sweetens carrots while hot weather toughens them. … Continue reading

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Makin’ Bacon

One of the more worthwhile foods to produce at home is bacon. It is also somewhat fun. However, to make bacon, you’re going to need a pig. We don’t raise pigs, at least not yet. Being an animal that one … Continue reading

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Why hunt?

Some people may wonder why anyone would want to hunt, especially medium game like deer. Our society is virtually pre-occupied with providing entertainment–film, golf, Netflix, professional sports, etc. Why do thousands of folks head out into the woods in November … Continue reading

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Kefir Cheese Mega Fail

Back in the spring I was exuberant after reading The Art of Natural Cheesemaking by David Asher. This sounded great! Finally, a way to make good cheese without being shackled to mail-order companies for the cultures. And the promise of … Continue reading

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The Drought Breaks

This year our drought came late, and was particularly acute in the final two weeks of September. We’ve had little rain since early September, so the ground was very dry. This was probably punishment for getting all excited after the … Continue reading

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An Ode to White Clover

One of the most unheralded, yet important, plants of agricultural merit is the little White Clover plant. The Irish seem to have understood its importance. The plant which England chose to represent itself, the Rose, is beautiful no doubt, but … Continue reading

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