A Room With a View?

Well, just to demonstrate the sort of nonsense that seems to constantly happen on a farm, I noticed this one a couple days ago.


Yes, that is a spider that decided to crawl into the milk line of our milking machine and starting making to make a little studio apartment him/herself. Now, I can see this sort of thing happening in the vacuum line, which stays in the barn and isn’t cleaned after every milking, but this is the milk line, and therefore this spider did this sometime between evening miking and morning milking. The milk line is hung up with the claw cup on a clothesline to dry after washing, so this spider had to climb a wall, walk out on about three feet on the clothesline, then craw down the outside of the milk line, then crawl back through the inside of the line to get in there. I don’t really understand what was so appealing about this real estate that the spider was willing to go though all that trouble. I thought perhaps it enjoyed the view since it’s clear tubing, but this spider’s eyes are so tiny that I think this spider probably doesn’t see very well anyway and is more of a tactile hunter.

In any case, nobody wants a spider in their milk, so I had to re-wash the line, but at least the eviction went smoothly. He/she just ambled out without any coaching and proceeded to look for a home on our kitchen windowsill.

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