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Worthwhile grain plants

I’ve stated before that I think growing small grains is not worthwhile for a small farmer. Self-propelled combine harvesters are so incredibly efficient compared to any other method that unless you have a farm big enough to support their costs … Continue reading

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Duckingham Palace

Ducks are basically like chickens. I think this misconception, very common among poultry keepers, is the greatest obstacle to keeping ducks. All poultry books I’ve read (except one) are about chickens, then they tack on ducks, geese, and turkeys at … Continue reading

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Time to plant forage

August is a busy time of year in my climate. Contrary to what many people think, this is the time of year to plant perennial forage plants, not in spring. I had to learn this the hard and expensive way, … Continue reading

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Our Lady of the Gluten

I found this painting in a Church and was given express permission to photograph it, but this is not about copyright rules, this is about wheat. Over the last few years, something almost laughable in its absurdity has infiltrated the … Continue reading

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Build it and they will come

I noticed last week the characteristic chirp of the Bobwhite Quail.┬áThis was quite impressive to me, as where I live, Bobwhite populations have declined so much that hunting is no longer allowed. I never really expected to hear a Bobwhite … Continue reading

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Seasonal eating

Lately there has been a great deal of interest in local and seasonal eating. Unfortunately, most of this enthusiasm really doesn’t go too far, as our society’s patterns of eating are so thoroughly conformed to a completely non-seasonal pattern of … Continue reading

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Green Manure

I no longer like to make pure Red Clover hay; I think it is not good for dairy cattle for at least two reasons: 1) the pseudoestrogens in it mess with their hormones, to the point that open heifers will … Continue reading

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