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Forgotten Cartridges of Merit

Just about every time I open a gun rag (magazines dedicated to firearms shooting or handloading), I see some article promoting a new rifle cartridge. It’s not like I am opposed to new cartridges. I happen to think there are some … Continue reading

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Zanon Lawnmower

I recently purchased a 40″ Zanon lawnmower for my Grillo 110 two-wheeled tractor. It is a very impressive (to me) machine, and it really makes me wonder why they are not more common stateside. The Zanon coupled to the G110 … Continue reading

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A beautiful pepper

Really happy with New Ace peppers from Fedco. I mean, just look at this thing. They have superb flavor as well. The rich and somewhat mottled deep red is just gorgeous. I don’t care if they don’t get as large … Continue reading

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Great American Eclipse

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Another worthwhile grain

Sunflowers are another worthwhile pseudo-grain to my thinking, though they are harvested on an industrial scale. Still, sunflowers are useful to anyone who keeps poultry, and this is indicated by the fact that you can hardly keep wild birds off … Continue reading

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My Little Manure Spreader

Almost everyone has at least kid’s farm book idea of an agricultural tractor. They will probably also know something of the common domestic animals (from Old MacDonald’s farm, if nothing else) and, of course, the plow—probably a bit of nonsense … Continue reading

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Worthwhile grain plants

I’ve stated before that I think growing small grains is not worthwhile for a small farmer. Self-propelled combine harvesters are so incredibly efficient compared to any other method that unless you have a farm big enough to support their costs … Continue reading

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