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When in Doubt, Inspect

This is just a quick cautionary note. I inherited an old Craftsman belt sander from my father. I think the last time he used it was when I was a child, so it has been decades since it has ran. … Continue reading

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Slugging a barrel

Slugging a barrel is the process of pushing a soft, lead round ball through rifled barrel to determine the precise internal dimensions. Usually modern firearms hold very tight barrel tolerances. I suspect that even the least expensive barrels made today … Continue reading

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Snow is gone

We had an unseasonably warm weekend and accomplished much. Discovered a few things, too. It’s important to get a few of these during the winter to catch up and fix problems that have accumulated.

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Cartridge conversion: from 30-30 to 357 Herrett

A more detailed account of my brief description earlier… Cartridge conversion is viewed by some as difficult and hardly worth the time. I think it is worthwhile, especially for someone fairly experienced with reloading, because it is really just an … Continue reading

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357 Herrett Compared

357 Herrett is a “wildcat” cartridge developed in the early 1970s by Steve Herrett and Bob Mileck and eventually standardized by Thompson/Center for their Contender pistol. In this platform it is an ideal medium to large game cartridge and it … Continue reading

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Murderous Raccoons

A murderous raccoon killed every one of our ducks. It didn’t eat a single one, or even make off with one of their bodies. It simply decapitated seven of them and killed the other two, in the usual manner of … Continue reading

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The Contender

There is a certain elegance to single shot firearms. They do not involve complicated and noisy actions to cycle cartridges in and out; in fact they do not really have an “action” at all, and this allows for fewer design … Continue reading

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