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Deer Hunting Accoutrements

Most men (women seem to be better about this) seem to obsess over firearms and ammunition when it comes to deer hunting, including myself. The truth is that there are many effective firearm-ammunition combinations for deer in the Eastern US. … Continue reading

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Muzzleloaders for Deer Hunting

Most states have a special season for hunting deer with muzzleloaders, usually following the modern firearm season, whereas archery season usually precedes the modern firearm season. Since muzzleloader hunting is more challenging due to range limitations and usually only getting … Continue reading

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Ruminant “Magic”

Most people simply don’t realize this fundamental fact of agriculture. The edible herbivorous animals–ruminants (cattle, sheep, and goats)–employ a legion of symbiotic bacteria that live in their rumen, the first chamber in their four-chambered stomach, which can break down cellulose … Continue reading

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Improvements to a “deer rifle”

Since purchasing a Mossberg 464 last year, I’ve done a few things to it which I consider essential to making it a good, reliable deer rifle. To begin with, any rifle you hunt with you need to trust. To trust … Continue reading

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Keep your bills up!

I am beginning to find more and more reasons to prefer ducks to chickens as a egg-producing animal on a small holding, especially if gardening is underway. I’ve already detailed how much simpler and cheaper duck housing is compared to … Continue reading

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Clay soil carrots

Carrots in most temperate climates are better sewn in late summer and harvested in fall or even winter rather than the typical springtime planting of most garden vegetables. This is because cold weather sweetens carrots while hot weather toughens them. … Continue reading

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Makin’ Bacon

One of the more worthwhile foods to produce at home is bacon. It is also somewhat fun. However, to make bacon, you’re going to need a pig. We don’t raise pigs, at least not yet. Being an animal that one … Continue reading

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