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The peril of chasing diminishing advantage

Many small-scale farmers get caught up in comparing the relative “efficiencies” of various methods of production and various crops and livestock. I’ve read, for example, that Jersey cattle are more efficient at converting a given unit of forage into a … Continue reading

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A Room With a View?

Well, just to demonstrate the sort of nonsense that seems to constantly happen on a farm, I noticed this one a couple days ago. Yes, that is a spider that decided to crawl into the milk line of our milking … Continue reading

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Overseeding clover

I did a little experiment (accidentally, as usual) here on what is better for overseeding Red Clover into, Rye or Wheat? Well, the answer is clearly Wheat. They were overseeded the same day in late February, and the Wheat and … Continue reading

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Crazy Weather of Indiana

Well, it has been a pretty nutty spring. Early warmth, dry April, six inches of rain in six days in May. Folks re-planting, re-spraying, re-tilling. Yet the pastures are just thriving and the milk is flowing and the calves are … Continue reading

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Mow-hawking the pasture

I plant trees haphazardly in my small 1/4th acre formal orchard and in the yards around my house, but this kind of disorder would never do in a much larger silvopasture or hayfield. The solution, called “Mow-hawking” by Phillip Rutter, is … Continue reading

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Roasting Old Hens

When I was a kid watching old cartoons (Disney and Warner Brothers from the 1940s-1960s) on Saturday morning I always thought depictions of roasting chickens strange, mostly because they didn’t look anything like the roast chickens I saw in real … Continue reading

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30-30 For Pest Control

Sometimes what you have is better than what is theoretically “better.” Some time ago I settled on the idea that the ideal around-the-farm cartridge for dispatching varmints was .223/5.56×45. It is, after all, one of the standard small arms cartridges … Continue reading

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