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Still Can’t Beat the Venerable 30-30 WCF

Recently I had a discussion about an interesting cartridge, the 450 Bushmaster. Basically the idea of the Bushmaster is to deliver big-bore ballistics in the AR-15 platform. Now, I happen to hold this to be a very poor idea. The … Continue reading

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Marlin 39A – And How to Secure It

The Marlin 39 type rifle, which is basically a Model 1891 (the rifle of choice of Annie Oakley) is a all-steel, moderately priced (about $400), well-made 22 LR lever action rifle. It is perhaps the oldest repeating rifle design still … Continue reading

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Another crop we’ve struggled with are plants in the Beet family, which includes Swiss Chard. It’s funny because when we lived in the city we had no problem growing beets in our little backyard garden. In fact, Chard was probably … Continue reading

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22 LR does the heavy lifting

It’s sort of funny how the humble 22 Long Rifle is BY FAR the most popular cartridge globally and has been for over a century. It is the oldest cartridge design still in widespread use, and it is the only … Continue reading

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30-30 For Pest Control

Sometimes what you have is better than what is theoretically “better.” Some time ago I settled on the idea that the ideal around-the-farm cartridge for dispatching varmints was .223/5.56×45. It is, after all, one of the standard small arms cartridges … Continue reading

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Real scopes of merit

If someone were to ask me what is the best all-around riflescope for the Eastern United States, I wouldn’t hesitate to respond with the Leupold VX-1 1-4×20 equipped with the heavy duplex reticle. This is a truly great scope mainly … Continue reading

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Doing yourself a favor: Riflescopes

Some of my friends and family are perplexed by my propensity to not only mount a scope on practically every rifle I own that I use regularly, but also by the amount of money I spend on the scope compared … Continue reading

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