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Short run farm fencing and gates

Most rural properties these days have little fencing. Perhaps a pasture will be fenced in, or a garden here or there to try and keep deer out, but usually there are no fences around main fields or around the homestead … Continue reading

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Ghee and its uses

There are many good tutorials on how to make Ghee from butter out there. It is a pretty straightforward process. What is not commonly appreciated is the utility of Ghee and its importance to the small scale farmer or homesteader. … Continue reading

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Rotations can be quite particular. What may work well in one place may not work well in another, or may work only in certain years. The key to finding a rotation that works well for you is putting together certain … Continue reading

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A better way to kill chickens

Laying hens eventually need to be killed. After a couple of years, as the number of ova in them decreases, they lay less and less frequently, yet eat as much or nearly as much food as a productive hen in … Continue reading

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When in Doubt, Inspect

This is just a quick cautionary note. I inherited an old Craftsman belt sander from my father. I think the last time he used it was when I was a child, so it has been decades since it has ran. … Continue reading

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Snow is gone

We had an unseasonably warm weekend and accomplished much. Discovered a few things, too. It’s important to get a few of these during the winter to catch up and fix problems that have accumulated.

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It’s Cold!

It has been very cold lately. Usually it never even gets this cold at any point in the winter. It’s already made it to negative 6 degrees F here. At least the wind hasn’t been too bad. Icicles have been … Continue reading

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