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When in Doubt, Inspect

This is just a quick cautionary note. I inherited an old Craftsman belt sander from my father. I think the last time he used it was when I was a child, so it has been decades since it has ran. … Continue reading

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Snow is gone

We had an unseasonably warm weekend and accomplished much. Discovered a few things, too. It’s important to get a few of these during the winter to catch up and fix problems that have accumulated.

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It’s Cold!

It has been very cold lately. Usually it never even gets this cold at any point in the winter. It’s already made it to negative 6 degrees F here. At least the wind hasn’t been too bad. Icicles have been … Continue reading

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The Tin Cat

We’ve tried about every rodent control strategy there is. Part of living in old houses in the country is rodents, I guess. We keep food contained, we sweep promptly, we prevent moisture areas that can attract them. None of it … Continue reading

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Laundry Day

If you are like us and abandoned the use of a clothes dryer, then you do sometimes get “behind” with the laundry, particularly in weeks when it is too cold to put them on the line but too warm to … Continue reading

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Makin’ Bacon

One of the more worthwhile foods to produce at home is bacon. It is also somewhat fun. However, to make bacon, you’re going to need a pig. We don’t raise pigs, at least not yet. Being an animal that one … Continue reading

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Kefir Cheese Mega Fail

Back in the spring I was exuberant after reading The Art of Natural Cheesemaking by David Asher. This sounded great! Finally, a way to make good cheese without being shackled to mail-order companies for the cultures. And the promise of … Continue reading

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