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Indian Corn Heap Big Lie

Sometimes, when something is hyped, and you buy into the idea, when he reality of its failure sets in, you can either pretend it ain’t so and quietly go along with the lie, or you can expose it thus revealing … Continue reading

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Fencing solutions

Fencing is essential to managed rotational grazing, yet there is virtually no consensus on how to build fences or even what kind of fences should be used. Everybody agrees that rotation is good, that grass-based feeding is good, that there … Continue reading

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Marlin 39A – And How to Secure It

The Marlin 39 type rifle, which is basically a Model 1891 (the rifle of choice of Annie Oakley) is a all-steel, moderately priced (about $400), well-made 22 LR lever action rifle. It is perhaps the oldest repeating rifle design still … Continue reading

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Hay Forks vs. Pitch Forks

When you see movies and such where a bunch of angry farmers are marshaled to fight someone or something, they should come armed with HAY FORKS, and for good reason. They would certainly make devastating improvised weapons. Check out the … Continue reading

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So Long Johnny Popper

I sold my 1955 John Deere 40U today. I just don’t use her much anymore as I can do everything I need to do with my much more efficient Grillo 2-wheeled tractor. Over the last year of owning the Grillo … Continue reading

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Appropriate Vehicles

Many people seem to think two different things about vehicles that I think are quite off the mark. One is that if you have children it is incumbent upon you to go out and mortgage a new or late model … Continue reading

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Hay Mulching

Many gardening writers say never to use hay as mulch. The stated reasons are that it contains seeds, and the stems of the plants are hollow so it doesn’t break down quickly. Also, Hay has historically been more expensive than … Continue reading

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