Build it and they will come

I noticed last week the characteristic chirp of the Bobwhite Quail. This was quite impressive to me, as where I live, Bobwhite populations have declined so much that hunting is no longer allowed. I never really expected to hear a Bobwhite on my place, ever.

20170809_123450 (1)

I saw this female on my way to the seedsman. Just sitting there, looking at the chickens (and their feed). 

But it seems that the bird, hardy and adapted to this place, can make a comeback. All you need to do is provide them a suitable habitat, which I’ve done, quite unintentionally.

On Saturday I scared up a whole covey of them stringing up fence line. I wasn’t startled by them so much as in awe, but alas, by the time I was able to summon a camera from the house, she was gone and all the young ones had run into the corn.

Now I have a good reason to be lazy and not cut down the ragweed growing everywhere (to which I am allergic), as ragweed seeds are prime quail forage. I did tell my son to throw some wheat berries along the fence line. Perhaps with a little help, there will be many more that will make it through the winter to next year.


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