Revenge of the Killer Cucurbits

So the killer Sibley squash that I wrote about earlier have borne fruit. And this is the problem with winter squash: it so perfectly contains itself and bears so abundantly (if you give it what it needs) that you end up with them everywhere. Unlike many summer squash, which most Americans and especially many rural folks are use to over consuming in the summertime, few people really know what to do with winter squash. The three winter squash found in most groceries are Butternut, Acorn, and Pumpkin. But there are many different kinds of very delicious and unique winter squash, and I’ve never found one I don’t like.


But I really do need to come up with some sort of storage solution. It’s like were running a squash refugee camp inside my house now. They are just kind of sitting on any horizontal surface that is free and not in the way of traffic. I suppose the Indians, who we owe squash to, had the same problem because they are always depicted with ears of corn and squashes and gourds hanging in every place in their shelters or strewn about on their floors. Maybe my western mind should just learn to live with it. They are, after all, very lovely, as nice as any table decoration. And unlike some cut flower, they will last through wintertime and are edible.


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One Response to Revenge of the Killer Cucurbits

  1. Emily says:

    Duuuude that’s a lot of squash. Your wife must be a really good gardener. 😜


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