Unintentional Wildlife Sanctuary?

Our place has become a sort of unintentional wildlife sanctuary as of late. I don’t know if was the pond, or the fact that it is the only bit of pasture in roughly a square mile, but it is getting downright noisy. Frogs croaking. Three different species of turtle: leatherback, box, and snapping. Killdeer, Red Winged Blackbirds, Mockingbrids, Blue Jays, Goldfinches, Bluebirds, Cardinals, Northern Harriers, Canada Geese, various bats. And of course a legion of Swallows, Sparrows, Robins, and Starlings. Praying Mantises, Orb Weaver Spiders, and swarms of bumbling June Beetles. Salamanders and a couple of snakes. Opossum tracks. Skunk assaults. Coyotes and feral dogs howling in the distance. Voles everywhere. Moles here and there. It’s simply amazing to me.


They seem to love fence posts for some reason!

When we moved, we basically hard the Sparrows and Starlings, but not much else, and none of the aquatic-associated critters. And I didn’t deliberately set out to improve habitat for wildlife; I am mostly opposed to the idea of CRP plantations, and I think that agricultural land should be used more intensively if anything in order to free up more land to revert to wild.


There are hundreds of these little guys that have taken up residence at the pond. The ducks seem to have cut them back big time.

I think that it may have something to do with the kind of farming that we do. It is pasture based first, and then perennial based (trees), and then annual based (garden). It also tries to get other living things to do most of the work instead of machines or my back. In making a place for domesticated living things, I seem to have made a place for various wild things as well.


Meet the common snapping turtle, not Minn of the Mississippi apparently. This one bent the tine of a forged bowrake with this vicious bite. Not the kind of turtle that makes good company.

I suppose it is also another example of the natural resilience of where I live. Build it and they will come. Or just cease destroying it and they will come.

IMG_1656 (1)

Shy, but friendly turtle. We put him back and will probably regret all the tomatoes he will eat out of our garden this year. At least carnivorous snappers don’t do that.

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