The Hybrid fence

My hybrid fence is basically the permanent fence design once recommend by Premier 1 Supply. They no longer sell permanent fencing tools or material, and so no longer produce their excellent catalog featuring a thorough discussion of permanent fencing installation, so I will provide you with much of what they had to say (in my own words) along with some innovations and perspectives of my own.


Their fence combined all three tensioned wire-based fencing materials (barb wire, woven wire, and electrified wire) with wooden posts at wide spacing (to be economical). It is really intended for sheep and goats, which are the most difficult and costly domestic animals to contain, and one of the primary reasons sheep and goats will always play second fiddle to cattle, the king domestic animals. Because it can keep sheep and goats in, it is also pretty good at keeping some similarly sized critters out. It happens that the most notorious predator of sheep, goats, and at times claves is the coyote. I have found that my hybrid fence, based on Premier 1’s design, does indeed keep out not only coyotes, but also dogs large enough to do harm. Before I erected the fence, coyote and dog prints were found throughout my property. Coyotes continue to be regularly heard and killed adjacent to my property. My barn and house are now more vulnerable to coyote trespass than my fields.

In retrospect, I consider my hybrid fence overkill. It could have kept in my cattle with far less. Coyotes can certainly injure cattle, especially dairy cattle with their vulnerable udders, but really haven’t ever been much of a bother on my place for reasons I don’t completely understand. As alluded to before, I am experimenting with a different kind of “hybrid” fence, one involving both living and non-living elements, which I expect to demonstrate in upcoming posts as I develop and implement the idea.

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